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Heating for your outdoor room / living space

Do you have a wonderful outdoor living space that you like to entertain in? Perhaps it's a retreat when the children have gone to bed. It's a great additional space to have and why not make full use of it by extending the time you can use it by adding some heating to it.  Have you thought about a woodburning stove? Its better than a fire pit or chiminea as the smoke doesn't drift back and forth across your face! It will also use less fuel. See an example here. An alternative option would be a bioethanol stove. Carbon neutral, real flame and no flue required! Please get in touch for more information.

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Planning an extension, doing up an out building or creating a new home?

At this time of year, people are happy to take roofs off, rip down walls and start a new project! How are you planning to heat this new space? Well, here you can see we've installed a Scafell on a log store to make a statement and heat the large area within this barn conversion. A flue system has also been installed as there was no existing chimney, this will also generate heat into the room. I would also recommend a stove top fan to push the hot air out further and at a lower level. Contact us as early as possible so we can advise you how to save money before you start decorating or putting walls back up. We are happy to work...

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Barn conversion underway - how are you going to heat that large space?

This barn is in the process of being renovated and the Parkray Aspect 14 is a beast of a stove with a huge warm heart, ready to heat this large space. A flue system has been installed as there is no existing chimney. So many places are being built without chimneys and this is not a problem. We can design a flue system that will suit your needs. PLEASE DO GET IN TOUCH IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS WITH REGARDS TO THESE INSTALLATIONS OR IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BOOK A SURVEY TO ARRANGE A STOVE INSTALLATION.

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Logs seasoning amongst the bluebells .

Went for a lovely bluebell walk a couple of weeks back and saw somebody was getting organised!! Nows the time to stack your wood and get it seasoned so it's nice and really dry ready for you when you need it.  Never burn green wood. Why? Read more here.... If you would like to know what fuel to burn on your stove or tips on how to stack wood please read on here...

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