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18" Ceramic Black Kamado Grill Bundle with Accessories

BUNDLE OFFER: 18" Kamado Grill + Wireless Digital Thermometer + Divide & Conquer System + Pizza Stone The 18" Kamado grill perfect for your family and friends, glazed in a stunning black ceramic finish, it features thick ceramic walls to retain the heat and juices, providing an even cook and an enhanced flavour. With the top damper and bottom slide vent, the heat can be controlled, using the built-in thermometer, to cook such food as ribs, pizza, burgers, vegetables or sear steak.

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Do not stack wood next to you fire to dry out.

Just a reminder......... Going away for the Easter? Leave the stove door ajar so air can circulate and moisture won't build up within the flue or stove.  Have some wood stored next to your stove? Do not stack logs or place any other combustible materials immediately adjacent to your stove. The Fire Service has been called to many fires caused because of logs being stored against or on top of the hot external surface of wood burners. The wood can combust (without having a flame to start it) if it gets too hot! Finished burning for this season? Remove all the ash in the fire and on top of the baffle plate inside the stove to prevent rust and corrosion. Open the door for...

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Opti-myst Meribel Electric Stove, Beam and Hearth in purpose built fireplace.

An electric stove can bring warmth to any room but you can also turn a flat wall into a full feature like this client of ours did. He made a false chimney breast and purchased the beam, hearth and the Dimplex Opti-Myst Meribel from us and look what a stunning fireplace they've created.   PLEASE DO GET IN TOUCH IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS WITH THE INFORMATION IN THIS BLOG OR IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BOOK A SURVEY TO ARRANGE A STOVE INSTALLATION. YOU CAN ALSO SEE THE STOVE HOUSE' GALLERY AND REVIEWS HERE.

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Wood or Multi Fuel ? - Which stove do I have and what's the difference?

I have had several people asking me to remind them about the difference between wood and multi-fuel so I'm just going to run over it again so you can get the best from your stoves. First: How to identify the stove you have. NOTE: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT SOME STOVES HAVE ONE OR MORE AIR VENTS AND MAY LOOK SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT TO THESE PICTURES BUT THE MAIN THING IS TO SEE IF IT HAS A GREAT. Wood Burning Only Stoves:  Also called wood-fuel stoves, log burners, they solely run on wood logs, generally, as a rule, they have a solid base inside with no ash pan. Wood burns best on a bed of ash and it is therefore only necessary to...

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