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It is essential that all solid fuel burning appliances are serviced at regular intervals, typically prior to the start of each heating season.  A faulty stove and installation not only wastes money on fuel but can potentially release poisonous Carbon Monoxide into the property.

Both appliance manufacturers and HETAS strongly recommend that all solid fuel appliances are serviced by a competent person and preferably by a HETAS registered engineer at least once a year.

This ensures you are complying with current Building Regulations, local bylaws and maintaining your manufacturer's warranty cover.

You can trust The Stove House to service your stove properly.  All our engineers are approved by the Hetas Register, the UK’s official registration body designed to protect the public against unqualified engineers and unsafe installers of biomass and solid fuel heating.


Do make the most of our Annual Service Deal which will save you money and ensure the performance and appearance of your stove so you never have to concern yourself with its safety, you can just enjoy the pleasure of its warmth.


Signs showing your stove needs a service!

If your glass is sooting up or you can't control the rate of burn this is a sure sign your rope seals need to be replaced. A stove will draw air in from where ever it can and poor rope seals effects the air wash and tertiary burn technology the stove has which means it burns more wood than necessary and blacks up the glass. Rope seals are found around the door and also under the glass on every stove. It allows the glass and metal to expand and retract under heat while still keeping a tight air seal ensuring the air-wash to perform correctly by keeping the glass nice and clear and the fuel burn efficiently.These ropes harden or burn away after about a year and need to be replaced.

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'We have been very happy with the work done to our stove and have enjoyed the comfort all winter!' Jan