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Vermont Casting Defiant Stove Door Service

The owner thought their #stove #doors were beyond repair. We have given them a new lease of life!  For more information on The Stove House and stove servicing, woodburning stoves and installation service which offers a full fitting service by HETAS qualified installers please contact us here. A stove survey for supply and fit can be carried out and a full quotation will be emailed to you usually within 2 hours of the appointment. We also offer a service where we can come out to site and show you how to use your existing stove correctly or to assess an original stove installation.

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Step 1: Firmly close the stove door and listen carefully for the soft sound of the rope gasket, not metal, hitting the body of the stove. If you hear metal then they need to be changed! If you don't move on to Step 2: Do the "paper " test. Open the stove door and close a strip of paper in between the stove door and the stove body so that half of it is inside the stove and the other half is outside. Make sure the door is closed properly. Try to pull the slip of paper out. Repeat this every 10cm around the door, it should not slip out easily. If there is an area in the door where it slips out easily,...

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Your Stove Checklist

STOVE CHECKLIST Get your chimneys swept every year by a NACS chimney sweep. Stove door rope seals need to be replaced every year if not every other year. This ensures maximum efficiency, correct fuel consumption and keeps the glass clean. We offer a full door reconditioning service or can supply you the spares to do it yourself.  Vacuum out the fire box and ash pan at the end of the burn season, usually around June/July. Otherwise, moisture mixes with the ash and causes erosion. (Only needs to be done once a year!) Wood ash is fantastic for flower beds and vegetable patches. Only burn dry seasoned logs this prevents tar build up within the stove and the chimney. We sell...

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