Bioethanol Fuel Box Burner Chamber for Fireplaces & Stoves-Real Flames – The Stove House
Bioethanol Fuel Box Burner Chamber - The Stove House Midhurst Nr Chichester West Sussex
Bioethanol Fuel Box Burner Chamber - The Stove House Midhurst Nr Chichester West Sussex

Bioethanol Fuel Box Burner Chamber


Bioethanol Burner Firebox Chamber




Complies with BS EN 16647:2015

Max Capacity

1 litre


Non-spill (Exclusive)

Burn Time

1 litre = Approx 3.5 hrs

Adjustable Opening


Heat Output (KW)

2 (same as electric heater on medium)

Weight (KGS)


Dimensions (mm)

240w x 154d x 70h

This Non-Spill fuel box can now be purchased as a replacement item.  It can be used to replace a damaged fuel box from most of our wood burner, freestanding and fire basket bioethanol fireplaces.  (please check with us if any doubt about compatibility).
    Fuel Box Facts: The exclusive patented Non-spill fuel box includes several market leading features including:
      • Fybrax Non-Spill technology: Absorbs all biofuel and eliminates the risk of spillage. Also prolongs burn time and creates a consistent flame.
      • Bioethanol fuel box is made from high-grade stainless steel and double lined for safety.
      • Integrated flame control to adjust the flame height and intensity (using the tool supplied).
      • Tested by TUV, the German world class testing laboratory, to conform to safety standard BS EN 16647:2015.
      • 1 Litre capacity, burns for approximately 3.5 hours (depending on location, air flow etc).
      • Heat output: approximately 2.0 kw (same as an electric heater on medium setting).
      PLEASE NOTE: This item should only be used in conjunction with certain models of our bioethanol fireplaces/stoves. 


      Use your bioethanol fire as instructed and with common sense. Never forget that you are dealing with a real flame, so you have to take all the safety measures into account.

      Bio fires can be dangerous when:

      • you pour fuel into a burning fire
      • you spill your fuel and you ignite the fireplace without drying ALL the spillage
      • you place your fireplace in a hallway or in an extreme draft area and have flammable objects nearby (i.e. curtains)
      • you hang or insert a fireplace into an unprotected wall or MDF structure.

      Therefore never do any of the above.

      We do not recommend the use of any accessory which goes inside the container such as; CERAMIC 'SPONGE', 'WOOL' or MATTING to extend the burning time. Besides the fact that our manufacturers have not found accessory of this sort which actually does work, first and most important risk is the possibility of small cinders still glowing at the base of the fire when the flame has already gone out on the surface. If this happens and you are refilling your fire, it could potentially be very dangerous as the pouring fuel could quickly re-ignite. In any case, ALWAYS check for cinders when refilling your Bio-Ethanol Fireplace or burner.

      Whichever fireplace you have, you always need to take into consideration the size of your room and the size of the flame / heat emitted. Be prepared to open a window for 5 minutes after the fire has been on for an hour in case it gets too hot. People often refer to ethanol fireplaces as decorative (which they mainly are!), and they are surprised by the amount of heat produced. An average bio fire will produce approx. 3 kW of heat - an equivalent (or more) of an electric heater, and it will increase the temperature in your room (depending on the size of the room) on average by 2-3 degrees Celcius.

      Detailed Safety Guide Here