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Stove Door Renovation to Hunter Herald 6

  Do the paper test!! Close the door of your stove with a piece of paper in it and see if you can pull it out. Try this in several places around the door. If the paper can be slid out its time for your rope seals to be changed. Visit our service page to get more advice on stove/door servicing  

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BBQ Competition

Congratulations to Mrs Banks for winning the Table Top BBQ - Fingers crossed the weather stays nice for you to have lots of BBQ's!

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Woodburning Stove Door Servicing / Service

GLASS SOOTING UP ? USING TOO MUCH FUEL?If your glass is sooting up or you can't control the rate of burn this is a sure sign your rope seals need to be replaced. A stove will draw air in from where ever it can and poor rope seals effects the air wash and tertiary burn technology the stove has which means it burns more wood than necessary and blacks up the glass. Rope seals are found around the door and also under the glass on every stove. It allows the glass and metal to expand and retract under heat while still keeping a tight air seal. These harden or burn away after about a year and need to be replaced....

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